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Discreetly record all activity on Facebook.

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About Spyrix Personal Monitor:

Spyrix Personal Monitor is a software for hidden monitoring of all types of user activity: Keystrokes logging (including passwords), Screenshots capture, Clipboard monitoring, Apps monitoring, Internet activity including social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Skype, Microsoft Live Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, search engines activity(google, bing and yahoo).

Spyrix Personal Monitor send all logs via email, ftp or local network.

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Cell Tracking

With the endless list of smartphones on the market parents are becoming increasingly frustrated finding the right monitoring products to track their children on their cell phones. We have solved that problem by identifying four best-in-class cell phone tracking products for you to explore. Click below to view all the cell phone monitoring products in this category.

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iPad Tracking

All parents know that there are several ways to track computer activity. However, there are hardly any tools to track and monitor iPad activity. That being said, we have been fortunate enough to identify two cutting-edge software products that will easily accomplish this task. Click below to view all the iPad monitoring products in this category.

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Mac Monitoring

Track, monitor and view all the activity on Mac-based computers with a simple download – that only takes minutes. Want to see all of your children’s Facebook activity? Get SniperSpy for Mac today! Click below to view our Mac monitoring products.

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imView PC Monitoring

Do you have a PC that would like to that you would like to track and monitor user activity on? Check out imView. From capturing actual screenshots every minute to tracking and recording Search phrases and terms, we can help. Click below to check out imView’s many features.

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